Buddha on Roof of SFZC; city in background

Photo by Shundo David Haye

Information and Resources

(NEW!) Resources for using Zoom and other online platforms during the global pandemic Please see our Zoom resources intended to help you bring your gatherings online.

Services and Ceremonies:  From San Francisco Zen Center’s website, click here for:
(1) audio recordings of various morning services and the Full Moon Ceremony;
(2) daily sutras, verses, and texts in PDF format;
(3) special ekos (dedications of merit);
(4) audio of temple sounds.

Ethical Principles and the Sixteen Buddhist Precepts: Guidelines adopted by the San Francisco Zen Center.

Guidelines adopted by Kannon Do Sangha

Guidelines adopted by Mountain Rain Zen Community

Communication Protocol for Conflicts: A working document from the San Francisco Zen Center.

San Francisco Zen Center Bookstore: Books and more. Zafus, zabutons, and SFZC incense, when purchased for affiliate sangha use, are available for the sangha to purchase at cost (plus shipping). Other bookstore items, when purchased for affiliate sangha use, are available at a 20% discount (plus shipping).

Also, SFZC’s 10% member discount is extended to all members of affiliate sanghas for items purchased for individual use.

Robes and Clothing: Mo Ferrell at Chapel Hill Zen Center in North Carolina sews custom robes for priest and lay people. E-mail her or call 919-732-3178.

More Clothing Resources: Zen Stitchery; Zabu Zabu; Four Gates; Samue-ya; Myojo; Matsumotoya (Japan–source for Japanese made priest robes); Great Eastern Imports.

Incense and Charcoal: Two sources for online ordering of incense and charcoal: Asakichi; Japan Incense

Dharma Supplies: Two sources for online dharma supplies: Great Eastern Imports, Monastery Store

Bells: This Pure Land store in Portland, OR has a large collection of Japanese bells, all sizes.

Sewing Classes and Retreats at SFZC: Instruction in sewing Buddha’s robe is offered regularly at San Francisco Zen Center. See online Instructions for Sewing a Rakusu, or for information on ongoing classes or retreats, enter “sewing” in the search field on the SFZC website.

Jean Selkirk’s excellent instructional booklet on sewing Buddha’s robe is available to order on this website. Jean Selkirk is the primary sewing teacher at Berkeley Zen Center.

Rakusu Kits Available: Kyosho Valorie Beer, head of Harmonious Spirit Affiliate sangha is offering to provide Rakusu kits. They contain all pieces necessary to make a rakusu and envelope. Valorie can be reached at valorie.beer@sfzc.org. Kits are available in blue, black, brown and green.  Black and brown kits also include okesa envelope fabric.  Kits do not include thread.

Oryoki: A detailed, illustrated manual for the construction and use of eating bowls from Kannon Do in Los Altos. Open PDF.

Oryoki instruction videos by Senior Dharma Teacher Linda Ruth Cutts from the San Francisco Zen Center.

Opportunities to stay and practice at San Francisco Zen Center: City Center San Francisco; Green Gulch Farm; Tassajara Zen Mountain Center.

Workpractice Apprentice Program Brochure 2015

Alternative Postures for People With Pain: Description of alternative postures (with photos) for chair sitting, lying down, and kinhin, from Beata Chapman (postures developed by Darlene Cohen and Victoria Austin).

When Blossoms Fall — A Zen Guide for Death and Dying: Read the booklet here.

Useful Links to Other Zen Organizations:
American Zen Teacher’s Association
Soto Zen Buddhist Association
Lay Zen Teacher’s Association
Shogaku Zen Institute