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Reminiscences about Suzuki Roshi

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Reminiscences of Suzuki Roshi (audio)

At one of the evening sessions at the May 2015 Branching Streams meeting, some of us who had begun practicing when Suzuki Roshi was alive reminisced about our practice with him.  It was recorded and you can download the audio here.

Valley Streams Moves To Sacramento Dharma Center (from 2017)

Donor Honor Wall

Successful fundraising culminated in the purchase of a former credit union building in May 2016, providing the three groups with an 8,000-square-foot shared space where they are working together to create a vibrant Buddhist community.

Valley Streams moved into the Dharma Center in October 2017. According to Rev. Jim Hare, who serves as Practice Leader, “The inception of the Dharma Center means our sangha can now host a retreat day once a month, in addition to the weekly Monday night sits and Dharma talks. We have also begun hosting 6:00 am sits on Thursday mornings. Prior to this we only had our Monday night meetings with occasional half-day sittings, so this move gives our group and its leadership more opportunities to practice together.”

Buddha’s wisdom and compassion in community

The Dharma Center is an independent, non-profit whose mission isto create a sanctuary for meditation and Buddha’s teachings, welcoming everyone who seeks to end suffering and live in harmony. In support of its mission, a number of programs are offered including a Dharma en Español group, a people of color sangha, a family sangha for practitioners with children, and a climate change sangha. As the Dharma Center’s tagline expresses, “Buddha’s Wisdom & Compassion in Community” is manifesting.

About Valley Streams Zen Sangha

Valley Streams Zen Sangha

Valley Streams’ guiding teacher is Abbot Myo Denis Lahey, whose home temple is Hartford Street Zen Center, located in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood. Rev. Myo is a fully entrusted Zen teacher, having received Dharma transmission from Tenshin Reb Anderson, Senior Dharma Teacher at San Francisco Zen Center. Locally, Rev. Jim Hare serves as Practice Leader and co-leads our practice in consultation with our guiding teacher and our board of directors. Jim has practiced Zen for 35 years, was head student during the spring 2002 practice period at Green Gulch, and was recently ordained by Rev. Myo Lahey.

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